CFOG 81: Homeless & Heartless

Intro: Highway to Hell - ACDC

Outro: Enter Sandman - Metallica

Taking the loway, Seamus's show at a singles' mixer, Jazmine walks out of the pizza place, Can't trust my livelihood to the Bad News Bears, Don't Find Dory, Bootleg CD's and DVD's, Constant strangers of Philly, Trolley Troubles, Cringe-worthy Facebook memories, If home is where the heart is--I'm homeless and heartless, The Museum of Circumcised Penises, Does aluminum foil set off metal detectors?, Lil Ramsey's Self-Control Corner, Seamus calls in to Mysterious Universe, Enter Clayman, Sleep paralysis, Making strangers spin, AUMing out of spite, We will send your enemies a bag of dicks.